Tinted Glass, Tinted float glass


     The tinted float glass is also called the colored float glass. It has excellent solar control properties. The transmittance of visible and infrared light is well adjusted meanwhile, those rich and pure colors may meet nearly all the requirements by various building styles.  Besides, it can be used with Low-E and self-cleaning glass. It is certain the creation of Gold to produce beauty for our life. Our float  glass has long been receiving good comments for its high .

Common Tickness 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,19mm
Common Size



Cut to size is workable upon customer’s detail requirement.

Common Color

Blue: Sky Blue; Lake Blue; Dark Blue;Light Blue,ocean blue.
Grey: Euro Grey; Dark Grey, Light Grey
Green: F. Green (Light Green), Dark Green
Bronze: Golden Bronze, Red Bronze
Pink,Golden,Clear etc.



Product details                                                

     TINTED FLOAT GLASS is produced by the float process with the addition of small quantities of metal oxides to color the normal clear glass mix. This coloration is achieved through adding metal oxides at the smelting stage. Addition of color does not affect the basic properties of the glass, even though visible light reflectance will be slightly higher than clear glass. 

Tinted Glass



1.  Curtain walls, glass ribs;

2.  Interior windows and doors, partitions, walls and floors;

3.  Glass rails;

4.  Show cases;

5.  Solar products;

6.  Household appliances, furniture, lights and top craft works



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